Casal Thaulero takes its name from the small town where the rolling hills of Abruzzo meet the Adriatic Sea. Here lived the noble Thaulero family who settled in Abruzzo in the sixteenth century with a mandate received from Charles V to oversee this area of Abruzzo. Giovanni Thaulero was a major player in agriculture reform. He held various institutional roles in the Kingdom of Naples and can be considered the precursor of viticulture in Abruzzo, thanks to planting modern vines, and experimenting with avant-garde agricultural techniques.

  • Borgo Thaulero Montelpulciano

  • Borgo Thaulero Pecorino   

  • Orsetto Montelpulciano   

  • Duca Thaulero Montelpulciano

This history, rich of tradition and passion, pushed some winemakers, in 1961, to join and develop a cooperative winery to produce and export Abruzzo wines to the world. In 1968, Casal Thaulero was the first Abruzzese cooperative to bottle and export wines with Protected Designation of Origin. The Borgo Thaulero Wines were Inspired by the "Borgo" or Hamlet that surrounded the town of Casal Thaulero where the local population inhabited. Borgo Thaulero Montelpulciano is a hearty full-bodied wine with rich dark fruit extract and flavors. Orsetto Selection are prized offerings from the best Vineyards and Grape selections.

Here are our vines: L'Aglianico del Taburno, in such quantity as to allow us a careful selection in the vineyard for the different sales lines and to ensure the production of wines of the highest quality as the Reserve, whose grapes come from a vineyard of about seventy years of age. Falanghina del Taburno, whose exposure of the vineyards guarantees us an optimal result in terms of sugar content, aromas and acidity of the wine without having to resort to cuts during processing. 


Here are our vines: L'Aglianico del Taburno, in such quantity as to allow us a careful selection in the vineyard for the different sales lines and to ensure the production of wines of the highest quality as the Reserve, whose grapes come from a vineyard of about seventy years of age. Falanghina del Taburno, whose exposure of the vineyards guarantees us an optimal result in terms of sugar content, aromas and acidity of the wine without having to resort to cuts during processing. 

  • Falanghina Sannio

  • Falanghina D’Oro Spumante

  • Aglianico Taburno

  • Aglianico Riserva



The company is located in the ‘Fruili Colli Orientali’ d.o.c. district dedicated to the production of wine. The family estate extends across 110 hectares of vineyards. On 15th February 1585, the noble family d’Attimis-Maniago received the company as his dowry for his marriage. In the words of the current owner, Count Alberto: “Our relationship with the vine and the vineyard is a family union which has lasted over 400 years“.

  • Casali Maniago Pinot Grigio

  • Casali Maniago Refosco

  • Conte D’Attimis Pinot Nero

  • Conte D’Attimis Ribolla Gialla

The first bottles of Conte d’Attimis-Maniago appear in 1930, a pioneering initiative in the Friuli region. As Count Alberto often states: “We are proud of our past; it is a heritage rich in tradition and experience. The story of my family and the tradition of my land are essential pieces of our current philosophy to commit to what I have received from those who came before me and to what I will leave to those who come after.

In the heart of the Langhe district, in the area of Monforte d’Alba, Tenuta Rocca is an estate with 37 acres (15 hectares) of vineyards. Since 1986, managed by brothers Bruno and Gianni, who constantly modernized the  vineyards over the years, and since 2011 Gianni and his son Andrea have taken over management of the estate. 


The large farmhouse dating back to the eighteenth century has been restored to its original splendor and the creation of modern cellars  for optimal development and ageing of wines confirms the commitment, passion and determination that symbolizes the Alba area of the Langhedistrict.


Tenuta Rocca Wines have consistantly received Top Scores from Parker, Wine Spectator, Wine Enthusiast and other internationally recognized publications

  • Barbera D’Alba

  • Nebbiolo D’Alba

  • Barolo


BOSCA CANELLI - When entering our Underground Cathedrals, in the center of Canelli, your senses dive into a magic atmosphere. Caves and walkways and open-up in large cross vaults as if you were in a large cathedral. Tunnels and passages alternate with large underground halls, filled with memories and mystery

  • Americano Aperitivo Bianco

  • Americano Aperitivo Rosso

  • Vermouth Bianco

  • Vermouth Rosso

  • Bosca Asti Spumante

Bosca has been producing both wine and sparkling wine since 1831. Since then we have been innovating through a constant research of new products and new markets. Our tradition, of 188 years’ experience, promoted by the area in which we work, gives us the ability to reinvent our future. We are restyling the experience of the Italian Spumante and our intriguing Aperitifs.

Pia, Gigi and Polina Bosca

"In a land rich in history and traditions, the winery "Don Tomasi", was founded in 2000 thanks to entrepreneurship but especially to the great bond with the region of farmers: Giuseppe TERRASI and the company. The winery is located at an average altitude of 350 meters above sea level, whose vineyards grow in espaliers with a density of 4000-5000 plants per hectare.


the winery, whose capacity is 2,500 hl, is equipped with the most advanced technologies for winemaking, for aging wine: pulmonary presses, Allier wooden barrels and bottling machines. All the methods, studied and supervised in every phase, make the final product excellent, ready for a high level market".

  • Grillo Chardonnay

  • Nero d’Avola

  • Nero d’Avola - Cabernet

  • Jatò Bianco

  • Jatò Rosso


TREMENTI means three minds, three experiences, three ideas, three stories, three visions, three winemakers: ENRICO MALFATTI, ALESSANDRO MICHELON, GIUSEPPE BINO. They are tasked to produce a stunning wine from their particular-region of expertise.

  • Bar Sicilia Nero D’Avola

  • Bar Sicilia Viognier - Chardonnay Blend

  • Bar Italia Rosè

  • Bar Veneto Merlot - Corvina Blend

Everything started in a very Italian way: in a PIAZZA in a BAR each telling a different personal anecdote about winemaking. They set a challenge: they should each bring their idea, their preferred region, their best wine to the table and taste them together. THIS IS HOW THE TREMENTI PROJECT BEGAN.

The origins of Concilio date back to 1860. Angelo Grigolli began selling wines, produced in the Adige Valley. The business grew and the company was handed down from father to son giving life to Concilio Vini. The last important change occurred in 1990, when Cantina Sociale di Trento joined the company, forming the current corporate structure and adding the elements of vineyard sourcing and production.

TRENTINO VINEYARDS IN THE LAGARINA VALLEY Most wine-growing areas in Trentino reflect the extraordinary characteristics of this mountainous region. The vineyards of the Dolomites are marked by woods, valleys, rivers and majestic mountain peaks. It is due to the mountains with their different soil and climate conditions, and the rivers that furrow the Trentino valleys, that give Trentino wines such distinctive characteristics. The rolling hills of Trento and of the Lagarina Valley, for example, lend themselves particularly to the production of elegant, mineral, fruity wines. 


PINOT GRIGIO CONTESSA GIOVANNA MANCI TRENTINO D.O.C. Contessa Giovanna Manci is a pinot Grigio obtained from grapes grown on prestigious vineyards, on the hillsides around the town of Trento. This is Concilio’s flagship Pinot Grigio. The Name is a tribute to an old and noble family from Trentino.  The south-east facing exposition, gravely and clay nature of the soil create the ideal conditions and microclimate to obtain this great white wine. Description Straw yellow in color, fruity and elegant on the nose with hints of pear acacia blossoms and minerals. On the palate it is dry, fresh, elegant in body with a pleasantly creamy aftertaste. This wine is intentionally made in an elegant rather than powerful style. 

  • Pinot Grigio Contessa Giovanna Manci

  • Pinot Grigio Dolomiti

  • Chardonnay Trentino

  • Pinot Nero Le Selezione


Wine is Nourishment

Growing grapes and making wine is an art. A kind of art handed down from father to son, which can only be learned through long, slow and laborious experience, taking place again and again according to the season’s cycles. SER JACOPO is produced by one of Tuscany’s leading wine families. With Vineyards between Florence and Siena choice vineyards produce the Sangiovese Grapes that are carefully selected and crafted to bring the Essence of Tuscany into each bottle. 

  • Chainti

  • Chianti Riserva

  • Chianti Classico

  • Ser Jacopo Super Tuscan

Chianti Riserva - SER JACOPO Chianti Riserva is produced in the Tuscan Hills near Florence and Sienna. After a selected picking of only the ripest Sangiovese grapes, the wine is aged in Oak Barrels to develop aroma’s of ripe cherries and an earthiness that is a perfect match for roasts and grilled meats.

Villa degli Olmi is a winery with a long tradition for the quality and distinctiveness of its wines. The story begins between the 19th and 20th centuries. By 1926 Giovanni Cielo's wines were awarded gold medals at important wine exhibitions of the time. In 1953 a new winery was inaugurated and soon the activity received new vitality. In the 1960s new generations joined the company, quickly giving a more modern dimension to the company. 


The 70s and 80s are years of great expansion, the winery leaves the regional sphere and faces the entire Italian market, the Altavilla Estate is acquired and the land owned by the company is expanded.  In the following years the winery grows in size to be counted among the top 5 wine suppliers of the Italian Large-scale Distribution.


Baglio Selections.  These are select bottlings of some of Italy’s most important grape growing areas and varieties bottled in a distinguished and unique bottle shape.

Baglio Selections:

  • Corti Di Rovi Montelpulciano D’Abruzzo

  • Baglio al Sole Pinot Grigio Friuli

  • Baglio al Sole Cabernet Sauvignon Sicily

  • Baglio le Mole Nero D’Avola Sicily

  • Baglio le Mole Syrah Sicily

  • Baglio le Mole Primitivo Puglia


Was founded on 23 August 1933 when six local men joined in a cooperative to defend the territory from speculative investments. Their mission was to provide wines fully respecting the local winemaking traditions. The Cantina di Negrar is the soul of the Valpolicella paying homage to the philosophy of cooperative production while also recalling the territory’s historical vestiges.

  • Valpolicella Classico

  • Valpolicella Ripasso

  • Amarone della Valpolicella

The Cantina di Negrar wines are rooted in the winemaking tradition of Valpolicella and the Veronese wine-growing areas, with a modern reinterpretation to guarantee the best price/quality ratio.


- Red


Bordeaux Pierre Lurton is a wine produced by Pierre Lurton in his namesake wine cellars. He find inspirato directly in his knowledge acquired in the most prestigioso properties of Bordeaux. Thus, this wine is rigorously selected by Pierre Lurton.


The grasse mostly grow in clay-limestone soils which are tipica of the terrier of l’Entre-Deux-mers.


The door-knocker, a symbol of Bordeaux architecture, is incorpored into the Bordeaux Pierre Lurton label. The colour of the label also reflects the classic colour of the mansioni of Gironde’s capital.

Tastino Bordeaux Pierre Lurton invites you to open the doors of Bordeaux’s vineyards and discorre the charm of its wines.



- Red

It is the place called “Bert”, situated in the south of the Saint-Emilion PDO that we discorre Chateau Graves du Bert. 11 hectares of wines surround a beautiful home and its pigino coop from the 15th century. Both are within sight of the famous steeple of Saint-Emilion village.

Classe as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Saint-Emilion vineyard produces a wine that the English have named the “king of wines”. It has belonged to the Poitevin-Lavigne family for 7 generations.

“Our wine is the fruit of a harmony between cultivation, winemaking, maturation and the art of the wine grower”

  • Pierre Lurton Bordeaux

  • Chateau Graves du Bert St. Emillion


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