The Company The origins of Concilio date back to 1860. Angelo Grigolli began selling wines, produced in the Adige Valley. The business grew and the company was handed down from father to son giving life to Concilio Vini. The last important change occurred in 1990, when Cantina Sociale di Trento joined the company, forming the current corporate structure and adding the elements of vineyard sourcing and production. TRENTINO VINEYARDS IN THE LAGARINA VALLEY Most wine-growing areas in Trentino reflect the extraordinary characteristics of this mountainous region.

The vineyards of the Dolomites are marked by woods, valleys, rivers and majestic mountain peaks. It is due to the mountains with their different soil and climate conditions, and the rivers that furrow the Trentino valleys, that give Trentino wines such distinctive characteristics. The rolling hills of Trento and of the Lagarina Valley, for example, lend themselves particularly to the production of elegant, mineral, fruity wines. PINOT GRIGIO CONTESSA GIOVANNA MANCI TRENTINO D.O.C. Contessa Giovanna Manci is a pinot Grigio obtained from grapes grown on prestigious vineyards, on the hillsides around the town of Trento.

This is Concilio’s flagship Pinot Grigio. The Name is a tribute to an old and noble family from Trentino. The south-east facing exposition, gravely and clay nature of the soil create the ideal conditions and microclimate to obtain this great white wine.

Description Straw yellow in color, fruity and elegant on the nose with hints of pear acacia blossoms and minerals. On the palate it is dry, fresh, elegant in body with a pleasantly creamy aftertaste. This wine is intentionally made in an elegant rather than powerful style.

Pinot Grigio


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